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Automatically follows your coins movement and sends you email alerts when an increase or decrease occurs by your selected Dynamic Percentage. It then adjusts the Current Price to the latest, so you don't have to! Eliminates babysitting alerts! Get Your Crypto Moon Alert today!


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Frequently Asked Questions

We have included the most common answers to questions we have recieved at the Moon. If you still have an unanswered question please respond to any Crypto Moon Alert or the Welcome Email.

Top Questions

If the Coin price increases or decreases by the selected Dynamic percentage an Email Alert is generated. The system then sets the last reported price as the new price. The next time the coin increases or decreases by the Dynamic percentage, another alert is generated, and so on.

Example: If you selected 50% when setting up the Alert and the coin value increases by 50% over the initial price, the system sends you an Email Alert. The system then sets that price as the new starting price. If the coin goes up by another 50% it generates an alert. Same thing applies if it goes down. If the price were to go down by 50% it sends you an Email Alert. Crypto Moon Alert dynamically monitor's coin price variances, and resets the starting price, so you don't have to!
When Cyrpto Moon Alert's are generated it may include previous Alerts to potentially identify a trend. If an increase or decrease based on the Dynamic percentage does not generate an Alert, an email is not generated...Crypto Moon Alert eliminates bombarding you with the same history when no changes have occured, limiting the number of emails you recieve.
When you signup the Welcome Email contains a Login URL that automatically loads an Online Dashboard at the URL. It includes your Coin Settings and Coin Alert History and a Mute Alert scheduler. If you are on the Free plan you can adjust the coin Dynamic percentage, view Coin Alert History, schedule when to mute alerts and download Alert History.

If you are on a Paid plan you can remove coins or monitor additional coins, and change time intervals.

We monitor currency price changes from Binance.com, Bitfinex.com, Cryptopia.co.nz and CoinMarketCap.com via public API endpoints every 15 minutes.

A Crypto Moon Alert comes out roughly every 30 minutes if you are on the Free plan.

If you are on a paid plan with different time interval options, you can adjust the alert interval via the Online Dashboard.

Important: We don't gurantee the content in a Crypto Moon Alert due to the fluctuating prices from public API endpoints. CryptoMoonAlert.com will try to obtain the latest price based on a public API endpoint (URL) minutes before the Alert is generated...We recommend that for the very latest price, check an Exchange as price changes can occur every other second. Note: If an exchange is very busy and the public API endpoint can't be hit, a Crypto Moon Alert may be skipped until data availability has resumed.
If you are on the Free plan, you can monitor one coin, Mute Alerts, modify the Dynamic percentage at anytime, view Coin Price History or Export Coin History, all via the Online Dashboard!

The only other limit...the Free plan has a trial period of 7 days. Upgrade to a Paid plan during the trial period to continue receiving Crypto Moon Alert's.

On a Paid plan you can Monitor Additional coins, Remove coins and Dynamically Change Time Intervals via the Online Dashboard. And all of our Paid plans include 1 Year of Service!
No we do not offer refunds...We feel that once you tried the Free account, that should have given you plenty of time to try CryptoMoonAlert.com and to make your executive decision to upgrade.
If you have a B3/KB3 Wallet and would like to purchase CryptoMoonAlert with your available KB3 Crypto Currency, follow the instructions from the KB3 button (visible when you login with your Dashboard URL). As huge supporters of the B3 mission, you pay about 50% less in the equivalent fiat price! Even if you don't have any KB3 it may be worth it to purchase some, throw it in their wallet and pay for CryptoMoonAlert.

Tip: The KB3 price is dynamically adjusted based on the last time we captured the CoinMarketCap price...your KB3 price may vary.